Douwe Leonard Dijkstra
Multi-media kunst

About Me

The passion for painting has been in my family for 2 generations. Some say that painting is my talent. But I don't believe in that. A good artwork is building knowledge and a lot of work.

I discovered the passion for art when I was 18 - just finished high school and looking for a future.     The possibility of taking an art education never occurred to me. Because I had better go to work. At the supermarket, the confectioner, the catering industry and several years in a hotel in the Swiss Alps.        In retrospect I am happy with the diversity of the experiences. Now I'm even happier that I went to study art afterwards because art has always been a force of motivation in my life. By taking courses in sculpture, photography, art history after work and by learning to paint when I had time to spare in the evening or weekend.

I followed my training as an autonomous artist at the Hogeschool der Kunsten in Utrecht (HKU). I also trained as a visual teacher. Since 2016 I have been working as an art teacher during the week. And of course the rest of the time is spent on painting, drawing and sculpting. Im doing that in a traditional sense but also digital. Both influence each other