Douwe Leonard Dijkstra
Multi-media kunst

About my work:

Charcoal and pastel drawings, sculptures and painting are parts of my work. In terms of content, it is about the search through the space between mass media and art.

It is typical of mass media that they use more than one medium. My working method also consists of mixed media and mediums. I use technologies that are also used by the mass media. I combine this with traditional painting. I paint with acrylic and oil paint on large and small canvases or wooden panels. I get my images from the mass media. I recontextualize these by moving them and recombining them. Because of this, I hope, a meta-language emerges: through the use of mass media I want to speak about mass media.

In the current mass media, volatility and the passive receiving of images are central. By using intensified colours, I mean that the spectator's recording process is slowed down. With this I desire that the passive assimilation of the image decreases and that the content comes out more strongly. The title of the painting is important to understand the work and to think about it further.

Reading the work of viewers such as Jean Baudrillard, Lieven de Cauter and Guy Debord, who pointed out to us that we experience life too much as a spectacle or entertainment, gives me direction for my work. These great thinkers also warn against the inhumane sides of the spectacle. I am also inspired by the sociologist Mcluhan, who noted in the past that technologies become extensions of humans and that with each extension paralysis takes place.

The search for the tensions between: paralysis and shock, entertainment and empathy, violence and beauty, life and death, mass media and art is important in my works.