Douwe Leonard Dijkstra
Multi-media kunst

About my work:

Charcoal and pastel drawings, sculptures, and paintings (traditional and digital) are parts of my work.    In terms of content, it is about the search through the space of mass media and art.

Reading philosophy books (Baudrillard, de Cauter, Debord, de Mul, Virillio) and the sociologist Mcluhan, who noted in the past that technologies become extensions of man and that with each extension accomplishes a paralysis, gives me inspiration. But also reading and writing about art myself, copying other artists and being involved with art almost daily is an important way for me to get an idea for a certain work. The idea of quantity over quality in preparation is also important for the process. Ideas are faster than execution therefor it is a hopeless battle to carry every idea but a battle worth fighting for. WIth so many ideas the chances are much bigger that there is a good idea for an artwork between the quantity of works. The result is i’m not a slave to a certain style. Instead, I want to explore different styles and working methods to explore different ideas in different mediums.

I use the mass media to create my work. Mass media such as old magazines, 3D models and the internet. I'm trying to give new context to the image or model by moving and recombining them. I use 3D and other computer programs for this. It is typical of the mass media that they use different mediums. My working method also consists of mixed media and mediums.

I combine this with traditional skills such as painting and modelling. I paint with acrylic and oil paint on large and small canvases or wooden panels. Paint gives me the opportunity to experiment endlessly because of the special properties of it. And that's very exciting for every painting! But I also model with clay that can be baked in my own oven. The traditional skills influence the digital skills and vice versa.

In today's mass media, volatility and the passive reception of images are central. With the use of enhanced colors, I hope the recording process is slowed down. I expect that the passive assimilation of the image will be reduced and that the content will come out more strongly. The title of the painting or the 3D work is important to understand the work and think about it further.
The search for the tensions between paralysis and shock, entertainment and empathy, violence and tranquility, life and death, beauty and ugliness, mass media and art is important in my artworks.